Little Story Big Story - قصة صغيرة، قصة كبيرة

Little Story, Big Story’ is a project where children create stories for children and adults. Unlike children, adult artists sometimes reach a point where their imagination isn’t as vivid. 
I will be working with schools, orphanages and refugee camps to support children aged between 7-12 to create stories in whatever way they like – spoken stories, Drawn stories, written stories, and many more.
In October artists, animators, illustrators, writers and professionals from Jordan will be invited to work with the children, to help bring their stories to life.

The little Stories will then be exhibited alongside the Big Stories at an event in Amman. All of the work will also be made available online, turned into an ebook, and published in a print format.

In collaboration with Dafa Puppet Theatre and Ibdaa ‘Little Story, Big Story’ was launched at Darat Al Funun on the 8th of September. 30 kids showed up, they all enjoyed Husam Abed’s performance along with a puppet making icebreaker. Children then were divided into groups to create there stories.It turned out to be a great success even though was a last minute event.
Here are some photos:


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