Fashion has always mirrored social change! I have been so curious to understand the art behind each design and designer's work so for this particular reason I decided to take a fashion workshop while I was based in Malta.

It’s a Foundation Seminar offering basic knowledge of the fashion industry, skimming through the main four areas, which make up the industry mainly. Felt inspired by few designers and the techniques they use to present their work.

Gareth Pugh for instance who is an English-born fashion designer has a fascinating approach to redefining modern luxury and turing his designs into wearable sculptures – experimental forms, volumes and fabrics are all signature to his ever evolving style. Not to mention his amazing  presentations - which employe a mix of film, music, sculpture and dance. 
Below is one of my favorite films where he is showcasing his 2011 collection inspired by religious iconography and Florentine opulence.


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