My Green Tree

Green Art Trees was a project by Art-medium that targets the general Jordanian public with the aim to raise awareness on local environmental issues.I was one of the 30 local artists that were given a tree to decorate and design. Trees were placed in different locations across Amman. Mine was located on the 2nd circle!

When it comes to earth, we often look to others for the solutions; we rarely think to look into ourselves. This tree was made to show us the key to saving the environment, which is why it is riddled with mirrors. It reminds us that we are the solution to all environmental problems and that, before looking to others; we must begin by changing ourselves.
By making subtle, constructive changes in our lifestyles, we create currents of change that eventually radiate throughout the entire world. 

From Kaleidoscope - مشكال, I send to you inspiring energy, love and Peace.


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